‘Why Did I Get Married Too?’: A Rushed Movie with Little to No Conclusion:

Timing is key in any movie. Let me just say this, I love Tyler Perry and applaud his efforts on sharing a representation of the African American Community in film, but I believe creating quality is more important than just spitting out a movie every other month and missing components of what a movie should contain. I am a fan of Tyler Perry’s stage plays, and I believe that’s where he shines. As far as movies go, he’s got to clean it up a bit.  Although, he did a solid job with ‘A Family That Preys.’ Perry has so much potential, so I’m not writing this because I dislike him; if anything I respect him.  I only want to see a better proportion of the quality of writing and acting. The movie began a bit slow because there wasn’t much dialogue, and there were too many long pauses and breaks between lines. *Note: that’s one indication that the movie was rushed. When it actually did get to the meat of the story, it became too convoluted, and at one point, I thought there was actually going to be some type of esemplastic moment, but there wasn’t. Some say that this was Janet’s movie, which, in essence it was, but as far as acting capabilities go, Jill Scott took that. However, I will give a slight disclaimer: Janet was at a vulnerable state, since the movie was filmed soon after her late GREAT brother, Michael Jackson, passed away. So I give her kudos for even doing the film. Without giving away too much for those who are reading and plan on seeing the film, the story bounces from one event to another without giving a full explanation or conclusion to any of them. For instance, Jill Scott’s character finds herself helping Richard T. Jones’ character. Now, from the looks of it, you’d think there was going to be a cataclysmic result. In turn, there was none, which baffled me and the rest of my analytical crew.

I must say the characters played by Tasha Smith and Michael Jai-White were definitely the comedic relief. I thought their timing was pretty good and quite funnier this time around. We were introduced to their foolery characters in ‘Why Did I Get Married,’ which was a far better film.

The ending was the second indication that this movie was built on just events and no conclusion. It was poorly scripted and needed lots of revisions. I know that Perry can redeem himself, and when he does, I will give my two cents! My only question is why the rush?

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