My review of “Precious”

I’m going to try not to get on such a huge soapbox, but I have to give my two cents about this movie. I went into this movie knowing I would analyze the movie because I’m pretty analytical when it comes to good movies such as this one. Precious began as an independent film, and what I’m finding out most, Oscar-worthy movies tend to start off that way.

Let me just pause right there…While I believe there is Oscar written all over this movie, I don’t know if any one person deserves the Oscar over the other because everyone was equally brilliant and compelling. From the character, Precious to the character, Ms. Rain, there was great acting. I am most pleased with that of Gibourney Sidibe. This chocolate sister, (this is her first acting gig) brought some straight-up acting–no holds barred. She took us to that place where we wanted to save her from her pain. Without giving so much away to those who are reading and haven’t seen the movie, Sidibe’s character was a victim of every emotion you could possibly name.

The director, Lee Daniels, gave the audience a raw movie that was supposed to leave a lasting affect. I wanted to know if the movie was based on someone real or was it a variation of things. Sapphire who is the author of the book linked to the movie, wrote  Push based on Precious. After Monique had her on her show, Sapphire explained that Precious is based on various young women she met throughout her life. A part of me is glad to know that this wasn’t based off one person, however, there is someone out there in this world who has gone through everything Precious went through in the movie. And that’s why the dynamics of this movie is so awesome.

A friend who read the book said Push was a hard read simply because of the verbiage and the fact Precious had little to no education. Just by watching the movie, I can see how that could have had an affect. There was a big language barrier, but those who watch it will understand and see the validity of the language.

As I was talking to a friend, we discussed the colorism in the movie. A lot of it stood out like a sore thumb. PLEASE STOP READING THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE MOVIE. Most of the characters who were the antagonist in the movie were darker skinned, while the people who helped Precious were that of a lighter skin tone. Now one might say that it doesn’t matter and that the director was not aware of that, but it can be taken slightly out of context if you look closely. Why was there a pattern like that? Coming from the theatrical background there are reasons for a lot of why characters are chosen to look certain ways. But I digress.

By the end of the movie I wanted to save Precious’ life, not only that, the director gave an ending that you had to refuse because there could have been another way of showing it, but as directors and writers do, they leave the audience to decide their own ending.

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  1. This is good and I felt that the movie made me take action because God blessed me to bless other precious little girls.

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