Saved in a Secular World


As I continue my walk with Christ, I sometimes wonder if my spiritual walk is being compromised. I’ve been saved since I was 13 years old because that’s when I began to take it serious. I always had a relationship with Christ, but it wasn’t until then when I professed His glory and how Magnificent He is. I was literally raised in the church. I sang, praised dance, spoke when I needed to. Never once was I forced to go to church, I always had a desire and always wanted to know more about the Lord. Growing up I never felt that my spiritual walk was ever compromised. It wasn’t until I got older where I started to see other worlds, cultures and values. I went to college, met different people and saw that most of the world doesn’t exactly have a relationship with Christ. They are either what is called “spiritual” or just not religious. This sometimes strikes me as a cop out, a way to say that you don’t follow anything but your own feelings and inclinations, but those inclinations are the Holy Spirit. Yes, I am spiritual and Yes, I am religious and I’m not afraid to say it because, honestly, I don’t feel like there is anything unconventional about it. I’m not a Bible thumper, nor am I a “tell you what to do because it’s in the Bible” type of person. I am a person who let’s their light shine. Let the life I live speak for me. I shouldn’t have to tell you what or how to do it. My life should show you what God has done for me.

I believe society has put such a negative connotation on the word “religion.” Why does it have to be? If you belong to a church, it’s OK. If you work with the youth at your church, it’s OK. The Lord asks us to be good stewards, so it’s not just about being spiritual it’s also about being good Samaritans, helping people and spending time with the Lord. I say all this to say I won’t compromise my relationship with Christ just because I live in a world where being Saved is not recognized or praised. I’m a journalist, and most journalists aren’t Saved. Some are, but most aren’t. I have mad respect for people in the music and entertainment industry who maintains their relationship with Christ, represents it and still be highly recognizable in an industry where most people don’t necessarily walk the walk. Fonzworth “Derek Watkins” Bentley, whom is the self-proclaimed Gentlemen guru of our time has stepped it up. He is most known for P. Diddy’s assistant but has made his own stamp as the popular MTV’s “G’s to Gents” host. If you have followed his career, seen how he has interacts with folks, you will recognize this brother is Saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. As a matter of fact, if you notice in his interviews, at the end of every interview he gives viewers or listeners a verse from the Bible or just some encouraging words to everyone. I said to myself now that’s the way to represent. And people still love him. He’s been able to break the barriers of that stigma or religion verses spirituality. So thank you, Mr. Bentley! He belongs to a church in Atlanta and attends church even when he’s super busy. Always has time for the Lord. I will never compromise whose I belong to for anyone and he has reminded me of that. I pray that what I’m saying is not offensive, but is just a reminder for those of you who are reading this–or maybe just a lingering thought that you may not have fathomed.

* Fonzworth Bentley will be on my online radio show…date will be publicized soon.

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  1. I applaud your walk, sista! And I definitely give you props for standing and being proud of who you are and what you believe. I, too, believe in letting my light shine and letting the life I lead show who I am and the path that I am on.

    I’m not a Christian and I find that, sadly, often those who are discount any other walk or form of spirituality as being less “real” or less “substantial” than being Christian. I’m a priestess and practitioner of African Indigenous religion (Ifa) and while I profess that proudly and certainly give all that I can to my fellow humans, the opposition I receive is mostly from Christians who somehow believe that their walk with Christ is more valid than my walk with the Orisa. I have talked to you so I know that’s not your way, but it is, unfortunately the way of too many and that can lead folks to want to disassociate themselves.

    It’s a sad reality, but many evil things have been done in the name of religion — Christianity, Islam and others — and so, some folks have shied away from it. That doesn’t mean that they have shied away from God, just some of the institutions that claim to represent Him and then do some very un-Godly things.

    In any case, I have respect for all walks with the Divine and believe the world is DEFINITELY in need of more morality and good samaritanism, regardless of the source. Let’s keep letting our light shine!

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