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I’m always one to revert to old things to possibly revive it or leave it alone. It doesn’t have to be materials, sometimes it’s people.

Being a certified Journo, it’s my duty to be conscious of the past to sometimes welcome what’s now.

For starters, I am researching child actors who’ve managed to transform themselves into successful adult actors. I have been researching about residual checks and why some former child actors get them and why some don’t. In addition, I have learned some are entitled and have backed checks that are indebted to them.

I digress…

As I am continuing my research I am learning why so many old shows have been revived into syndicated showsfullhouse1 than other shows. Let’s not forget there aren’t many family oriented shows, which leads to my focus on why most of the household shows are reruns and don’t come on as a regular prime time series.

For instance, everyone remembers TGIF, a place where most families came together and watched a lineup of family-oriented shows. It consisted of myriad programs such as Full House, Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, Step by Step and Boy Meets World … just to name a few. Before that you had Mr. Belvedere, Just the Ten of Us, Webster, Benson and Different Strokes. All on ABC. I dare not go any earlier than that.

How do we welcome the “reality” that those shows are non-existent?

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  1. These were all great shows and syndicated their even better. They help us remember the good days when family time meant being together and not driving to another activity in the same car. As the world becomes more knowledgeable, it seems that we stretch families to do more things. Think about it, the average high school student trying to go to college is so involved with activities that by the time they get home family time is in the bed or doing homework. What do you think?

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